EPEAT® is the premier global ecolabel for electronics and technology products.

As a Type 1 ecolabel managed by the Global Electronics Council, EPEAT is based on criteria that evolve as sustainability evolves – measuring the social and environmental impacts of products from extraction to end of life. EPEAT drives change at a global scale – one product at a time.

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The Time is Now for EPEAT Climate+™

We can’t wait. The threat of climate change is real and urgent. Organizations are in need of a practical and impactful way to contribute to climate change mitigation. One immediate step in addressing this global issue is ensuring that products we buy have been thoughtfully produced with climate in mind. EPEAT Climate+ registered products give this assurance to purchasers.

These EPEAT Participating Manufacturers are setting the standard as EPEAT Climate+ Champions.

EPEAT® Registered Product Reports

Product information and criteria declarations for active and archived EPEAT-registered products is available through the EPEAT Registered Product Reports. Click the link for each category to download a report.



Products that meet all required Climate Criteria and at least 75% of the existing optional criteria are EPEAT Gold with Climate+.



Products that meet all required Climate Criteria and at least 50% of the existing optional criteria are EPEAT Silver with Climate+.



Products that meet all required Climate Criteria and up to 50% of the existing optional criteria are EPEAT Bronze with Climate+.

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How Products Achieve EPEAT Climate+™

Products that have attained the EPEAT Climate+ designation as part of their EPEAT registration have been independently verified against EPEAT’s science-based criteria on climate change mitigation. This is in addition to proving they meet existing EPEAT criteria on circularity, reductions of chemicals of concern, and corporate ESG performance.

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Our Latest Updates

EPEAT Climate+™ Trailblazers

The EPEAT Climate+ designation signals a new vanguard of leadership in best practices for benefiting people, business, and the planet.

EPEAT Climate+™ Purchasing Leaders

EPEAT Climate+ Purchasing Leaders demonstrate their focus on climate change mitigation by requiring EPEAT Climate+ registered products in their procurement contracts. They continue to be a driving force toward this new paradigm for climate change mitigation. Whether its transparency and traceability in the decarbonization of product lifecycles or leveraging ecolabels as a single-source of truth in sustainable procurement – purchasers will drive demand toward a more positive future.

EPEAT Climate+™ Champions

EPEAT Climate+ Champions are manufacturers who have EPEAT registered products that have attained the EPEAT Climate+ designation. These companies have demonstrated industry leadership by having products that meet the demand to mitigate climate change. EPEAT Climate+ Champions can use this distinction to reach out to climate-conscious purchasers.

Updated EPEAT® Criteria

GEC is pursuing a multi-year initiative to revise its EPEAT Program criteria to align with priority sustainability impacts of electronic products and their supply chains. EPEAT Climate Criteria are the first of five sets of Updated Criteria that EPEAT will launch over the next few years.

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Still Figuring Out Where You Fit In?

From institutional purchasers and manufacturers to decision makers and interested consumers – we all play a part in climate change mitigation. We’re happy to talk to you about where you may fit with EPEAT® and EPEAT Climate+™.

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