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Overview of EPEAT Announcements

The Global Electronics Council recognizes the tremendous value of stakeholder engagement in the EPEAT Program. Please view the below announcements and we welcome you to engage. As a global organization, we especially appreciate the engagement of stakeholders from across the globe and we specifically seek engagement by small and medium organizations.

Latest Announcements

Photovoltaic Modules and Inverters Technical Committee

Call for Participation: Technical Committee on Ultra-Low Carbon Criteria for Photovoltaic Modules

The Global Electronics Council (GEC) is developing criteria for its EPEAT ecolabel to calculate and identify low embodied carbon solar panels. This Call for Participation is to notify stakeholders of the opportunity to participate on the multi-stakeholder Technical Committee that will evaluate and reach consensus on these leadership criteria. GEC is partnering with Anthesis, an organization with extensive expertise in life cycle analysis, to convene and manage the Technical Committee. The State of Sustainability Report on Ultra Low Carbon Solar provides the scientific-basis and background documentation for criteria development.

The Technical Committee is the consensus body in the GEC criteria development process. The Technical Committee on ultra-low carbon solar criteria is expected to begin its work in October 2021 and continue for up to 4 months. Technical Committee meetings will occur monthly via teleconference. See the Call for Participation for more information on the role of the Technical Committee and how to apply for membership. Applications for Technical Committee membership are due by midnight ET on September 11, 2021

For questions about this initiative, please contact:


Photovoltaic Modules and Inverters Public Comment

Public Comment Open: State of Sustainability Research for Ultra Low-Carbon Photovoltaic

GEC invites stakeholders to provide comments on the draft State of Sustainability Research for ultra low-carbon solar photovoltaic modules. The State of Sustainability Research provides the rationale and science-based foundation for developing EPEAT criteria, along with a conceptual framework for drafting the ultra low-carbon solar criteria.

Comments must be submitted no later than May 7, 2021 using the SOSR Public Comment Form. Comments should be sent to

Read more about the ULCS criteria proposed for EPEAT.