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Overview of EPEAT Announcements

The Global Electronics Council recognizes the tremendous value of stakeholder engagement in the EPEAT Program. Please view the below announcements and we welcome you to engage. As a global organization, we especially appreciate the engagement of stakeholders from across the globe and we specifically seek engagement by small and medium organizations.

Latest Announcements

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Climate Change Mitigation Criteria Updates

Coming Soon: Public Comment on Draft Climate Change Mitigation Criteria

GEC’s draft Climate Change Mitigation criteria will be released for public comment in the first week of October. The public comment period, open for 60 days, is an opportunity for all interested stakeholders to provide feedback on the draft criteria.  A notice will appear in these EPEAT Announcements and in the GEC Newsletter when the public comment period opens.

Upcoming Webinar: Draft Criteria on Climate Change Mitigation

Join this webinar on October 13, 11-12:30 pm Eastern for an overview of the draft criteria for Climate Change Mitigation, including the rationale for the criteria and the requirements. The webinar also will review the process for submitting public comments on the criteria.  REGISTRATION LINK

Climate Change Mitigation Technical Committee

NSF International, the partner GEC selected to manage the voluntary consensus process for its sustainability impact modules, released the roster for the Technical Committee for Climate Change Mitigation. The Technical Committee serves as the voluntary consensus body in the GEC Dynamic Criteria Development Process. GEC’s process requires balanced stakeholder representation including manufacturers, purchasers, government policy and sustainability advocates, and other industry in the electronics supply chain, as well as geographic and product representation. 

For more information on the Climate Change Mitigation criteria, see the overview of Criteria Modules by Sustainability Impact. Please contact with questions.


Public Comment Sustainable Use of Resources

Public Comment Open: State of Sustainability Research on Sustainable Use of Resources

Today GEC releases its draft State of Sustainability Research on Sustainable Use of Resources for a 30-day public comment period. This Research examines environmental impacts associated with materials used in and to produce ICT products and e-waste, then takes a systematic look at how to reduce these impacts through strategies that extend the useful life of products, increase product collection and repurposing, and target the recovery of valuable and critical materials.

The purpose of GEC’s State of Sustainability Research is to identify priority impacts and best practices for mitigating these impacts and serve as the science and evidence-based foundation for developing criteria for the EPEAT ecolabel.  GEC welcomes stakeholder review of this State of Sustainability Research and submission of comments, including:

·       Identification of additional life cycle analyses and pertinent data on the sustainable use of resources;

·       Mitigation strategies and best practices leading to demonstrable impact reductions;

·       Errors and omissions in the analyses and criteria recommendations; and

·       Affirmative feedback (e.g., if priority sustainability impacts are identified and adequately addressed). 

Please submit comments, by completing the SOSR Public Comment Form and submitting it via e-mail to no later than 11:59 PST on October 13, 2021.

GEC is updating EPEAT criteria, focusing on 4 sustainability impact areas, including Sustainable Use of Resources.  See the overview of Criteria Modules by Sustainability Impact for more details on GEC’s criteria development process and anticipated schedule.

Questions regarding this notice may be directed to the project lead, Erica Logan, Senior Manager Technology Assessment and Resource Development;

Public Comment Expert Ad Hoc Technical Committee Climate Change Sustainable Use of Resources Reduction of Chemicals ESG Performance

Update: Status of Criteria Development for EPEAT Sustainability Impact Modules

Earlier this year, GEC launched a multi-year initiative to revise its EPEAT criteria to align with sustainability impacts of electronic products and their supply chains, including Climate Change Mitigation, Sustainable Use of Resources (or Circularity), Reduction of Chemicals of Concern, and Corporate ESG Performance. When complete, these “modular” criteria will be applied across all EPEAT product categories, including computers and displays, mobile phones, imaging equipment, servers, televisions and network equipment. This GEC Criteria Modules by Sustainability Impacts Overview includes a summary of the criteria development process, opportunities to engage, and an update on the anticipated project implementation schedule. Stakeholders are encouraged to send questions to


Photovoltaic Modules and Inverters Public Comment

Public Comment Open: State of Sustainability Research for Ultra Low-Carbon Photovoltaic

GEC invites stakeholders to provide comments on the draft State of Sustainability Research for ultra low-carbon solar photovoltaic modules. The State of Sustainability Research provides the rationale and science-based foundation for developing EPEAT criteria, along with a conceptual framework for drafting the ultra low-carbon solar criteria.

Comments must be submitted no later than May 7, 2021 using the SOSR Public Comment Form. Comments should be sent to

Read more about the ULCS criteria proposed for EPEAT.

Public Comment Climate Change

Public Comment Open: State of Sustainability Research on Climate Change Mitigation

GEC invites stakeholders to comment on its State of Sustainability Research on Climate Change Mitigation for ICT products, including:

  • Identification of additional lifecycle analyses and data on climate change impacts;
  • Mitigation strategies and best practices leading to demonstrable impact reduction;
  • Errors, omissions, and affirmative feedback (e.g., if priority sustainability impacts are adequately addressed)

This SOSR will serve as the scientific basis for development of EPEAT sustainability performance criteria.

Comments must be submitted by May 7, 2021 using the attached SOSR Public Comment Form and submitting it via e-mail to by May 7, 2021 .

Read more about climate change criteria development.